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The top-ranked 18 posters will get up to 5 minutes in front of the plenary audience.  For each, we will be playing their recorded, 3-minute presentation, and then there will be up to 2 minutes of live Q&A.  These posters are listed in the ‘program at a glance’ and also in the agenda.  All posters are listed in the full program and in this section. 

The abstract, recording and PDF of the poster will be available to view in the online meeting space before, during and after the meeting.

TitleAuthorsInstitution Of Primary Author
Social Media for ImpLementing Evidence (SMILE): A Conceptual FrameworkJunqiang Zhao, Gillian Harvey, Amanda Vandyk, Wendy GiffordSchool of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa
Development and implementation of a prescriber checklist and reference guide for mifepristone medication abortionKate Wahl, Wendy Norman, Ariane Wylie, Kristen Van Esch, Aleyah Williams, Sheila Dunn, Édith Guilbert, Sarah MunroUniversity of British Columbia
Developing a patient-oriented tool for assessing the scalability of innovations in community-based primary health care in CanadaRoberta de Carvalho Corôa France Légaré Léonel Philibert Sabrina Guay-Bélanger Karine PlourdeUniversité Laval / VITAM - Centre de recherche en santé durable - CIUSSSCN
Characterizing health research partnerships in child health: a scoping reviewCrockett LK, Scott SD, Driedger SM, Sibley KMUniversity of Manitoba
A Network’s Approach to Adapting Knowledge Translation Strategies for Neuromuscular DiseasesGagnon, Cynthia Osman, Homira Muslemani, Samar Betty, Erin Lochmuller, HannsUniversité de Sherbrooke
Navigating Sexual & Reproductive Health: Perspectives of Im/migrant Youth in BCZeba Khan, Michelle Fortin, Sarah Munro The University of British Columbia
A systematic, consensus-based approach to select theories, models and frameworks for implementation practice: Development using a case example with hip protector use in long-term care and proposal of a modelAlexandra MB Korall, Vicki Komisar, Dawn C Mackey, Femke Hoekstra, Susan Brown, Fabio Feldman, Pauli Gardner, Christine Hames, Masood Khan, Kathryn M SibleyUniversity of Manitoba
A new taxonomy was developed for overlap across ‘Overviews of systematic reviews’: a meta-research study of research wasteCarole Lunny, Jia He Zhang, Alyssa Chen, Trish Neelakant, Gavindeep Shinger, Adrienne Stevens, Sara Tasnim, Shadi Sadeghipouya, Stephen Adams, Yi Wen Zheng, Lester Lin, Pei Hsuan Yang, Manpreet Dosanjh, Peter Ngsee, Ursula Ellis, Beverley J. Shea, Emma K. Reid, James M. WrightKnowledge Translation Program, St Michaels Hospital, Unity Health Toronto
Over half of clinical practice guidelines use non-systematic methods to inform recommendations: A methods study"Carole Lunny, Cynthia Ramasubbu, Lorri Puil, Savannah Gerrish, Tracy Liu, Douglas M. Salzwedel, Barbara Mintzes, James M. Wright "St Michael’s Hospital, Unity Health Toronto
De-implementation of Low-value Albumin Fluid Resuscitation in Critical Care – Customized KT during a PandemicDaniel J. Niven, Karen Shariff, Sampson Law, Kristin Robertson, Andrea Soo, Danny J. Zuege, Sean M. Bagshaw, Selena Au, Jo Harris, Henry T. StelfoxUniversity of Calgary
Knowledge Brokering with partners: building an integrated Knowledge Translation (KT) framework for Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) grants on SARS-CoV2Sheikh Muhammad Zeeshan QadarThe National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases-University of Manitoba
The effect of online materials on student performance: types of resources, mode of deliveryKapoor, Ishita; Roters, Jennifer; Murphy, TimBrock University
Leveraging the trust of family physicians to contact unvaccinated patients using rostered patients list from Ontario HealthJennifer Shuldiner, Huda Shah, Jeremy Grimshaw, Monica Taljaard, Laura Desveaux, Justin Presseau, Mina Tadrous, Tara Kiran, Micheal Green, Isaac Bogoch, Holly Witteman, Aisha Lofters, Noah IversWomens College Hospital
Using a Learning Health System Framework to Examine COVID-19 Pandemic Planning and ResponseChristine Cassidy, Meaghan Sim, Mari Somerville, Daniel Crowther, Douglas Sinclair, Annette Elliott Rose, Stacy Burgess, Shauna Best, & Janet CurranDalhousie University
The development of a new risk of bias tool for network meta-analysisLunny C, Veroniki AA, Higgins J, White I, Dias, S, Whiting P, Hutton B, Wright J, Tricco ASt Michael's Hospital, Unity Health Toronto
Mobilizing TB Stories in Northern Prairie First Nations Communities: Developing and Evaluating Patient-Centered KT Products for TB EliminationShivoan Balakumar, Claudyne Chevrier, Margaret Haworth-Brockman, Yoav KeynanNational Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases, Winnipeg, Canada, Department of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, University of ManitoDepartment of Community Health Sciences, University of Manitoba, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Manitoba
Exploring Current Nutritional Programming and Resources Available to People Living with HIV/AIDs in Canada: Food NOW ProjectJessica Mannette, Abigail Clarke, Chelsey Purdy, Mary Lynch, Barb Hamilton-Hinch, Patricia Williams, Phillip Joy, Shannan GrantMount Saint Vincent University
Establishing a National Research Network in a Virtual WorldKaren Strange, Emily Wong, Annemarie EdwardsCanadian Cancer Society
Intervention co-development: Mapping behaviour change techniques to barriers and enablers of plasma donation to support newly eligible gay, bisexual and men who have sex with men in CanadaPalumbo A, Castillo G, Gibson E, Rubini KA, MacDonagh R, Rosser A, Miguel G, Reid M, MacPherson P, Goldman M, Butler-Foster T, Hill NE, Lapierre D, Randall T, Osbourne-Sorrell W, O’Brien S, Bridel W, Otis J, Greaves M, Bilal Al-Bakri T, Labrecque M, Germain M, Orvis S, Clapperton AT, Devine D, Presseau J, Vesnaver EOttawa Hospital Research Institute
Evaluation of the Work-Up for Thyroid Nodules in Primary Practice Across Northern OntarioTanisha Birk, Kirthika Venkatesan, Nisha Nigil Haroon Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Healthcare professionals’ intention to engage in serious illness conversations after team-based versus individual-based training in advanced care planning: secondary analysis of a cluster randomized clinical trialLucas Souza, France Légaré, Patrick Archambault, Georgina DofaraMaster's student in public health - Université Laval ;
COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Among Medical Students: A Systematic ReviewKirthika Venkatesan, Sukrita Menon, Nisha Nigil HaroonCaribbean Medical University School of Medicine
It’s about trust: promoting COVID-19 vaccine confidence in Provincial Correctional Centres with people who are incarceratedJulia Santana Parrilla, Sofia Bartlett, Diana ZohdyBritish Columbia Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC)
Developing and evaluating tailored dissemination strategies for different audiences: What have we learned from dissemination science during COVID-19?Sabrina Jassemi, Brenda Hemmelgarn, Heather Beanlands, Sharon Straus, Dwight Sparkes, Maria Delgado, Paul Watson, Sarah Gil, Meghan Elliott, Maoliosa DonaldDepartment of Medicine, University of Calgary
Identifying high-priority implementation science research questions regarding equity, sustainability, spread, and scale of effective evidence-based practices.Celia Laur, Priscilla Medeiros, Alyssa Kelly, Aisha Lofters, on behalf of the Office of Spread & Scale, Women’s College Hospital Institute for Health System Solutions and Virtual CareWomen’s College Hospital Institute for Health System Solutions and Virtual Care
Combining machine learning and crowdsourcing for systematic and scoping review citation screening: Derivation and validation of two hybrid algorithmsNassr Nama, David Zorko, Michael Del Bel, Katie O'Hearn, Ravi Chandra Rachamalla, Kevin Holmes, Steven Hawken, Dayre McNallyCHEO (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario)
CommuniKIDS: Co-development and dissemination of a tool for communicating trial results in child health researchNancy Butcher, Ami Baba, Joanne Tay, Cassandra Malandrino, Nicole Pallone, Dawn Richards, Maureen Smith, Shelley Vanderhout, Martin Offringa, Beth PotterHospital for Sick Children & University of Toronto
Adapting to remote engagement and knowledge mobilization during the COVID-19 pandemic: Learnings from the Smart Indigenous Youth (SIY) projectPrasanna Kannan, Jasmin Bhawra, Pinal Patel, Tarun Reddy KatapallyJohnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Regina
Rapid systematic review – Health information seeking by patients and the public relevant to COVID-19.Lubna Daraz, Sheila Bouseh, Bebe Swallayhah Chang, Yara Yassine, Xiaojun {Jenny} Yuan, Roslina OthmanUniversity of Montreal
“I just feel there’s a real communication problem”: Perceptions of Public Health Communications by Women in Caregiving Professions in British ColumbiaKaylee Byers, Rosemary Morgan, Anne-Marie Nicol, Julia SmithFaculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University
Effective argumentation for action in AMR: A textual case study of the UK’s Review on Antimicrobial Resistance final reportChristine AckerleyUniversity of Washington
Conducting rapid reviews for health policy makers during the pandemic in an evolving evidence ecosystem: new synthesis methods and dissemination plansEmily Clark, Leah Hagerman, Susan Snelling, Sarah Neil-Sztramko, Maureen DobbinsNational Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools
Patient-targeted resources to support decisions about Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada: An online environmental scanAlda Kiss, Krystina B. Lewis, Lissa Pacheco-Brousseau, Laura Wilding, Dawn StaceyUniversity of Ottawa
Piloting a new research-to-policy communication initiative for graduate trainees at Simon Fraser University: What worked well, what did not work, and return on investmentLupin Battersby, Alison Moore, Valorie CrooksSimon Fraser University
A scoping review of tools to guide clinical discussions on physical activity, sedentary behaviour, and/or sleep for health promotion between primary care providers and adults who access careTamara L. Morgan, Emma Faught, Amanda Ross-White, Michelle S. Fortier, Mary Duggan, Rahul Jain, Kirstin N. Lane, Amanda Lorbergs, Kaleigh Maclaren, Taylor McFadden, & Jennifer R. TomasoneSchool of Kinesiology and Health Studies, Queen's University
For youth by youth: Creating knowledge mobilization tools for the COMPASS studyBelita, E., Chan, S., Morrish, J., Razeghi, P., Riazi, N., Sharma, S., Sony, A., Butler, A., Leatherdale, S., and Patte, K.McMaster University, Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Nursing
Trainees’ experiences with Integrated Knowledge Translation during the COVID-19 pandemicCelia Laur, Priscilla Medeiros, Tram Nguyen, Meghan Gilfoyle, Aislinn Conway, Emily Giroux, Femke Hoekstra, Jean Michelle Legasto, Emily Ramage, Brenda Tittlemier, Brianne Wood, Sandy Steinwender, IKTRN Trainee Sub-GroupWomen’s College Hospital
Overcoming emerging COVID19 challenges with relatable science: Developing and evaluating knowledge translation tools for familiesS. Scott, S. Elliott, L. Knisley & L. HartlingUniversity of Alberta
Planning for Knowledge Translation as an Ethical Imperative: Validating the “Knowledge Dissemination in Patient- and Community-Oriented Research Ethics Assessment Tool (KD-PCOREAT)” with Research Ethics Boards in British Columbia using a Modified Delphi ApproachAlia Januwalla, Brittney Schichter, Sarah Flann, Kristie Nicol, Nikita AistovFraser Health Authority
Supporting diverse stakeholder engagement in implementation of evidence for children’s pain management: A discrete choice experiment study protocolNicole E. MacKenzie, Christine T. Chambers, Christine E. Cassidy, Penny V. Corkum, Meghan E. McGrady, Kathryn A. BirnieDalhousie University
Nationwide Environmental Scan of Knowledge Brokers TrainingDina Gaid, Kedar Mate, Sara Ahmed, Aliki Thomas, Andre´ BussieresMcGill University
Profiling knowledge brokers in the rehabilitation sector across Canada: A descriptive studyDina Gaid, Sara Ahmed, Aliki Thomas, André BussièresMcGill University
Engaging decision-maker and patient partners in COVID-19 rapid review researchJanet Curran; Mari Somerville; Justine Dol; Leah Boulos; Trudy Flynn; Rebecca MacKayIWK Health
Developing and communicating linked responses to substance use and intimate partner violenceNancy Poole, Julie Stinson, Andreea C. Brabete, Lindsay Wolfson, Ella Huber, Lorraine GreavesCentre of Excellence for Women's Health
Inclusive movement behaviour guideline messaging: A subtle change with ripple effectsJennifer R. Tomasone, Amy E. Latimer-Cheung, Mary Duggan, Guy Faulkner, Stephanie M. Flood, Rebecca Jones, Kirstin N. Lane & Melissa C. BrouwersQueen's University
The Effectiveness of Champions in Implementing Innovations in Healthcare Settings: A Systematic ReviewWilmer John Santos, Ian D Graham, Michelle Lalonde, Melissa Demery Varin, Janet E Squires Clinical Epidemiology Program, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
The Prevalence of Standardized Reporting System Usage of Sonographically Detected Thyroid NodulesRalph Hsiao; Bahar Golbon; Antoine Eskander; Nisha Nigil Haroon; Jesse PasternakUniversity Health Network
Trainee‑led research using an integrated knowledge translation approach: a scoping reviewChristine Cassidy, Hwayeon Danielle Shin, Emily Ramage, Aislinn Conway, Kelly Mrklas, Celia Laur, Amy Beck, Melissa Demery Varin, Sandy Steinwender, Tram Nguyen, Jodi Langley, Rachel Dorey, Lauren Donnelly & Ilja OrmelDalhousie University
Tailored COVID-19 Public Health Messaging for Young AdultsTina Cheng, Braxtyn Horbay, Rochelle Nocos, Lesley Lutes, Scott A. Lear University of British Columbia
Decision-makers’ experiences with rapid evidence summaries to support real-time evidence informed decision-making in crises: A mixed methods studyAhmad Firas Khalid, Jeremy Grimshaw, Salim Sohani, Faiza Rab, Nandana ParakhThe Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Truth or Pandemic: A platform, Podcast and Online Game to fight COVID-19 misinformationVincent Gosselin Boucher, PhD; Juliette François-Sévigny, BA; Catherine Cimon-Paquet, MSc; Étienne Aumont, MSc; Brigitte Voisard, BA; Simon L. Bacon, PhD; Kim L. Lavoie, PhDThe University of British Columbia
Codesigning a disability disclosure decision-aid guide and planning tool for Canadian autistic youth and young adults: DISCLOSURE (Do I Start the Conversation and Let On, Speak Up and REveaL?)Vanessa Tomas, Shauna Kingsnorth, Bonnie Kirsh, Evdokia Anagnostou, Sally LindsayUniversity of Toronto, Rehabilitation Sciences Institute and Bloorview Research Institute, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
Hip and Knee Total Joint Arthroplasty Online Knowledge Translation Resources for Patients and Healthcare Professionals: A Canadian environmentalLissa Pacheco-Brousseau, Stéphane Poitras, Sarah Ben Amor, Alda Kiss, Dawn StaceySchool of Rehabilitation Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Development of an Adolescent Advisory Group to Inform Sexual and Reproductive Health Research for First- and Second-Generation Immigrant Adolescents in Canada: A Community-Based Participatory Action Research StudyKrooti Vyas, Samantha Louie-Poon, Salima MeheraliUniversity of Alberta, Faculty of Nursing
Supporting evidence-based, values-aligned choice of early abortion method: Development of an online patient decision aidKate Wahl, Janelle Syring, Romy Segall, Aleyah Williams, Nazgul Chokmorova, Kirsten Desjardins-Lorimer, Carolyn Marchand, Melissa Brooks, Sarah MunroUniversity of British Columbia
How Community-Based Teams Used the Stroke Recovery in MotionJessica Reszel, Joan van den Hoek, Tram Nguyen, Gayatri Aravind, Mark T Bayley, Marie-Louise Bird, Kate Edwards, Janice J Eng, Jennifer L Moore, Michelle LA Nelson, Michelle Ploughman, Julie Richardson, Nancy M Salbach, Ada Tang, Ian D GrahamOttawa Hospital Research Institute School of Nursing, University of Ottawa
Impact of an evidence-based educational intervention to improve concurrent disorder management: findings from a prospective cohort study of healthcare professionals in Quebec, Canada"Chicoine, Gabrielle (primary and corresponding author); Dubreucq, Simon; Trépanier, Annie; Pagé, Gabrielle; Côté, Josée; & Jutras-Aswad, Didier."Faculty of Nursing, Université de Montréal, Quebec, Canada
A Scoping Review to Identify and Describe Characteristics of Theories, Models and Frameworks of Health Research PartnershipsBrenda J. Tittlemier, Juliette Cooper, Dawn Stelgia, Roberta L. Woodgate, Kathryn M. SibleyUniversity of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Sharing Research Findings With Target Audiences: What does the literature tell us about information formats & data visualizations?Alison Hoens & Taylor IrvineUniversity of British Columbia
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