Recorded Sessions

  May 4 Plenary Presentation


May 4 Podium Presentations


May 4 Poster Presentations


May 4 Panel – COVID publication overload



Advancing IKT and implementation science: An interactive workshop comparing IKT with engaged scholarship, Mode 2 research, co-production, and participatory research


Presenter: Dr. Tram Nguyen


Reflecting on KT for a complex health care system in a time of pandemic


Presenter: Dr. France Légaré

KT Canada – May 6 – Panel discussion “Complexity of Ethics when doing KT”


KT Canada – May 6 – Oral Presentations


KT Canada – May 6 – Dr. Carl May plenary presentation “Why do implementation processes fail?”



KT Canada – May 7 – Panel discussion “SGBA+ considerations in KT science and practice”


KT Canada – May 7 – Oral presentations