Assistance during the Meeting

Support will be present in all sessions, throughout the meeting. Event staff will monitor session rooms and will be accessible via the chat box & email.  

All of the sessions will be in “webinar” format.  If you’re having a problem, can send a message via the chat box to the host & panelists and event staff will see it. 

Event Staff list: 

  • Meghan Storey
  • Patricia Allworth

If you are unable to access the Zoom session or if you’re having other issues, please email us directly at:

Zoom Tips 

  • Download and install the latest version of Zoom (5.0) prior to the meeting:
  • If you have never used Zoom before, we recommend you familiarize yourself with it in advance through the online tutorials provided by Zoom.
  • You can go to at any time to test your audio, video, and internet connection.
  • Mute your microphone when not speaking. 
  • You will have a better wifi connection if no one is playing video games or streaming movies on your network. 
  • Use the Q&A function to ask the presenter a question about their presentation.