General Information

Please note: all sessions will be recorded and posted in the meeting space after the meeting.


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Zoom Links 

In the menu bar at the top of this page, under “Schedule”, you can view the sessions scheduled for each day of this meeting. 

Click on the Zoom link button for a particular day to access the Zoom link fo all sessions on that date. 



Meeting registrants can view the list of poster titles under the “Virtual Poster Exhibit” section, found in the menu bar.  You may also search for key words to find posters on different topics. 

Click on a poster title to view the poster abstract, PDF of the poster and a brief recording explaining the work.  

The poster presenter’s contact info will also be available and we encourage you to connect with them. 

The top-ranked 18 posters will get approximately 5 minutes in front of the plenary audience.  For each, we will be playing their recorded, 3-minute presentation, and then there will be up to 2 minutes of live Q&A.  Check the schedule to see who is presenting when. 

You can find additional details in the “Virtual Poster Exhibit” section. 


Oral/ Podium Presentations

You can find the list of oral/ podium presenters on the “Speaker List” page. Here, click on the title of each presentation to find the abstract, pre-recorded presentation, and presentation slides. You can see the order of presenters on the “Schedule” page and in the agenda. 



Many of the meeting attendees have submitted notes about their research interests. 

Please see the “Attendee List” (in menu bar at top of page) to view other attendees’ interests and find people to connect with. You may also search key words to find specific topics of interest. 

You will find a “Discussion Forum” in the “Welcome” dropdown menu. You can use this forum for networking or to share information that is relevant to meeting content.


Speaker List

Visit the “Speaker List” section in the menu bar to see a list of all presenters. You can find their contact information in the “Attendee List” (if they have consented to share it). 


Assistance during the Meeting 

Support will be present in all sessions, throughout the meeting. Event staff will monitor session rooms and will be accessible via the chat box & email.  

All of the sessions will be in “webinar” format.  If you’re having a problem, can send a message via the chat box to the host & panelists and event staff will see it. 


Event Staff list: 

  • Meghan Storey
  • Patricia Allworth


If you are unable to access the Zoom session or if you’re having other issues, please email us directly at:


Zoom Tips 

  • Download and install the latest version of Zoom (5.0) prior to the meeting:
  • If you have never used Zoom before, we recommend you familiarize yourself with it in advance through the online tutorials provided by Zoom.
  • You can go to at any time to test your audio, video, and internet connection.
  • Mute your microphone when not speaking. 
  • You will have a better wifi connection if no one is playing video games or streaming movies on your network. 
  • Use the Q&A function to ask the presenter a question about their presentation. 



All sessions will be recorded.  

All recorded sessions will be posted on the meeting platform in the week following the meeting. 

Participants will have access to the recordings until June 4th, 2022. 


Social Media 

Please feel free to tweet during the meeting.  For the presenters’ Twitter handles, please check the Attendee List. 

The hashtag for the meeting is #KTCan22. 

KT Canada’s Twitter handle is @KTCanada.