Nationwide Environmental Scan of Knowledge Brokers Training


Knowledge brokers (KBs) can promote the uptake of best practice guidelines in rehabilitation. Although many institutions offer training opportunities to health care professionals who wish to undertake KBs roles, the characteristics and content of those educational training opportunities (ETOs) are currently unknown. This study aimed to describe the ETOs available to rehabilitation professionals in Canada and determine whether the ETOs meet the competencies expected of the KBs roles.


We conducted a Canada-wide environmental scan to identify ETOs using three strategies: online search, phone calls, and snowball. To be included in the study, ETOs had to be offered to rehabilitation professionals in Canada and be targeting KBs competencies and/or roles. We mapped each of the content to the KBs competencies (knowledge and skills) within the five roles of KBs: information manager, linking agent, capacity builder, facilitator, and evaluator.


A total of 51 ETOs offered in three Canadian provinces, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec, were included in the analysis. For KBs competencies, 76% of ETOs equipped attendees with research skills, 55% with knowledge brokering skills, and 53% with knowledge on implementation science. For KBs roles, over 60% of ETOs supported attendees to in performing the capacity builder role and 39% the evaluator role.


Findings suggest that ETOs focused primarily on preparing participants with the research and knowledge brokering skills required to perform the capacity builder and evaluator roles. Comprehensive educational training covering all KBs roles and competencies are needed.

Dina Gaid poster - Nationwide Scan

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